Your Digital Rights: what is the future of “uberization?”

The Federal Supreme Court formed a majority to recognize that the Court must unify the future understanding of the employment relationship between app drivers and companies like Uber. What does this mean and what are the next steps in the discussion?

It has not been defined whether or not there is an employment relationship between the Uber driver and the other platforms that exist, the company itself. The first thing, the Federal Supreme Court recognized that this is an important matter, it is a matter that has moved many courts, there is a lot of divergence in decisions.

Leandro Alvarenga

Another highlight is the use of AI in elections. Candidates who use artificial intelligence to attack opponents in elections may have their candidacy registration revoked – or, if they have already been elected, they may lose their mandate. This is what the president of the TSE, minister Alexandre de Moraes, said. Are the regulations for this clear?

The punishment is clear, the regulations are not so clear. The TSE has been trying to combat the spread of fake news with a series of methods. The correct path would be for the legislature to legislate and define what constitutes fake news, to define all of this, but the situation is not in the legislature.

Leandro Alvarenga

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