Why are citizens forced to buy expensive electricity from electric?


Karachi: Why are the customers of Shahr Quaid buying expensive electricity? In this regard, the Policy Research Institute for Sustainable Development has issued a report.

According to CEO Policy Institute Mohammad Badr Alam, if KElectric had invested in renewable energy projects, the consumers of Karachi would have been saved from expensive bills due to fuel adjustment and other taxes, KElectric has added 2132 MW of electricity to the system in two decades Only 100 MW of renewable energy has been added to the system.

He said that if KElectric had invested in renewable energy projects, the people of Karachi would have been protected from fuel adjustment and other taxes. In KElectric's 2030 investment plan, 4 billion 500 million dollars could have been saved by investing in renewable energy. .

The power division including K Electric can reduce the import bill of fuel and gas by installing solar and wind power, through renewable energy projects billions of dollars can be saved on the import of fuel and gas in the future.

He said that while Pakistan spends $2 billion a month on energy imports, KElectric could have saved at least $250 million over the past two years by investing in increasing renewables in KElectric's power generation mix. Could save money.

Ex-Chairman Nepra Taseef Ahmed said that K Electric's 2030 plan is slow, K Electric should have been divided into three parts after privatization, there should have been separate generation, transmission and distribution companies in Karachi: With better monitoring of companies in different sectors, ineligible companies can be identified.

Mahfooz Qazi, director of alternative energy, says that the government of Sindh has made a policy of providing cheap land for alternative energy projects. Working on the projects, K Electric has set up two projects of 25, 25 MW in the hub three years ago. Sindh Government in collaboration with the World Bank will set up a joint project of wind and solar energy of 100 million dollars for alternative energy.


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