Whoever brings agenda to divide us will not be given visa: Rishi Sonik


London: British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak has warned that “anyone who brings an agenda to divide us will not be granted a visa.”

According to foreign media reports, British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak, while commenting on the victory of left-wing politician George Galloway, said that the result of the Rochdale by-election is surprising.

He said those accusing the British government of being racist are lying, Islamic extremists, right-wing elements are trying to poison.

Rishi Sonik said that the Home Minister has been instructed to send back those who spread hatred in the protests, who will bring us an agenda of division will not be given visa.

George Galloway wins British by-election, Victory for Gaza

The British Prime Minister said in a speech regarding the Gaza protests that the extremists want to harm our democracy, a line will have to be drawn to stop the extremists, our highways have been hijacked by small groups, extremism and criminal activities. Immensely increased, this group has become the enemy of our values.


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