Who will be crowned Prime Minister? The decision will be made today

ISLAMABAD: The newly elected National Assembly will elect the Leader of the House and the new Prime Minister of the country in today's special session.

According to the details, the new Prime Minister of the country will be elected today, the National Assembly meeting will be held under the chairmanship of Speaker Ayaz Sadiq at 11 o'clock in the Parliament House where voting will be held for the new Leader of the House.

Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar vacated the Prime Minister's House

Former Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is the candidate of coalition parties for the Prime Ministership, while the candidate of Sunni Unity Council is Umar Ayub Khan. What has been announced?

179 votes are needed to become the prime minister in the 336-member house, the allies have the support of 209 members in the house, while the number of Sunni Etihad Council members in the National Assembly is 91.

How will the new prime minister be chosen?

On the order of the speaker, the bells will be rung for five minutes before the election process of the prime minister begins. The purpose of ringing the bells is to gather all the members inside the assembly. No one can go out of the National Assembly hall and no one is allowed to come till the house is elected.

The Speaker of the National Assembly will read out the names of the nominated candidates for the Prime Ministership, allocate a lobby on the right for one nominated candidate and the other on the left, each member of the National Assembly will register their vote at the door of the lobby and the election process will be completed. will remain in the lobby until

Decision to hold Prime Minister's swearing-in ceremony on Monday

Later, the Speaker will announce the completion of the National Assembly voting, after which the bells will be rung again for two minutes for the members to return from the lobby to the House after which the Speaker will announce the election results of the National Assembly House.

In this way, the successful candidate will become the Leader of the House in the National Assembly and the new Prime Minister of the country.

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