Who killed Amir Balaj Tipu and why? Important developments


Lahore: A 3-member joint investigation team has been formed under the leadership of SP Organized Crime Aftab Phalrawan to investigate the murder of Amir Balaj Tipu.

According to the details, important progress has been made in the Amir Balaj Tipu murder case, a 3-member joint investigation team has been formed to investigate the murder.

The team will be headed by SP Organized Crime Aftab Phalrawan and SP Investigation President Dr. Mustansar Atta Bajwa and DSP Organized Crime Iqbal Town Muhammad Ali Butt are also part of the team.

Police say that 4 people including Amir Balaj Tipu's close associate have been arrested.

Yesterday, the police arrested 2 accused including his friend Ahsan Shah in the murder case of Tipu Turkanwala's son Amir Balaj.

The investigation team of Lahore had said that Ahsan Shah was arrested on the charge of giving reiki to Amir Balaj, Ahsan Shah was not present in Pakistan at the time of the murder, he had given reiki to the accused from Saudi Arabia.

CIA police said that Malik Sohail had met Ahsan Shah with Tefi Butt, Balaj's friend Ahsan Shah had 7 to 8 meetings with Tefi Butt, he used to meet Tefi Butt by changing cars.

According to the CIA police, Ahsan Shah allegedly informed Tafi Butt about going to Amir Balaj's wedding and told him that the gunmen did not have rifles.

On the other hand, Ahsan Shah, the arrested friend of Amir Balaj, said in the statement that the murder of Amir Balaj Tipu was planned a month ago.

It should be remembered that Amir Balaj Tipu was shot and killed at the wedding ceremony of former DSP Akbar Iqbal's son, while the attacker was also killed on the spot by the bodyguards of deceased Amir Balaj Tipu.


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