Which dal do Pakistanis like to eat more? Interesting survey

People around the world like to eat different types of dal, but what is the favorite dal of Pakistanis? In this regard, Gallup Pakistan has issued a research report.

A Gallup survey released revealed that 21 percent of people like mash dal a lot, with Pakistanis judging it as their favorite dal among all the dals.


According to the Gallup survey, 17 percent of Pakistanis have declared gram dal as their favorite dal, on the other hand, 14 percent of Pakistanis have declared mung dal as their favorite, while 8 percent of Pakistanis are in favor of lentil dal. The decision has been made.

According to a Gallup survey, 6 percent of Pakistanis named all dal as their favorite dish, but only 4 percent of Pakistanis said they did not like any type of dal.

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