When I got my makeup done for the first time, Sana Askari shared the secret

The well-known actress of Pakistan showbiz Sana Askari says that when I got make-up from a beauty parlor for the first time in my life, I was scared to see my appearance.

In ARY Digital's program Good Morning Pakistan, Sana Askari mentioned a memorable incident of her past.

She said that when I got engaged, I was obsessed with looking beautiful, at that time I was about 16 years old and had nothing to do with showbiz, at that time I went to a beauty parlor for the first time in my life to get makeup done.

I happily went and sat in front of the mirror, but the beautician put a cloth over the mirror, and when I saw myself fully dressed, I shuddered because the parlor people had done terrible make-up.

The cousin who came to pick me up was shocked to see how terrible my make-up was done. When I went home, my mother saw it and said, “You look like a witch, don't go.”

Sana Askari said that I had 18,000 make-up done at that time, took off all of it and went to my engagement ceremony with normal make-up.

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