What is the difference between these two pictures? Answer in 14 seconds

Considering the interest of its readers, ARY News Urdu has launched a series of puzzles, in which the readers are challenged to find the differences sometimes in puzzles, sometimes in maths and sometimes in pictures.

So many firsts are shared on the internet every day, out of which we select a few and present them to you and challenge you to find the correct answer.

While these first ones are a headache for people, intelligent readers take these riddles as a challenge and find the correct answer and then they challenge their close friends to do the same, which makes it go viral. are

The puzzle or challenge that is being presented to you today seems to be very special and interesting, the answer of which is definitely difficult because it is a test of your vision.

In the picture shown in the following picture puzzle, a boy is going to his office. Apparently, both the pictures look the same, but there are three differences between them, which you have to point out, that too in just 14 seconds.


Readers need a lot of attention and ingenuity to find the difference between these two pictures. Studies show that engaging in such activities activates parts of the brain that are important for memory.

So what do you think is the correct answer to this puzzle? Did you find the answer to the puzzle in the given time? If not, let us tell you what the correct answer is.

So take it sir the answer is right in front of you, just scroll down a bit.


Did you manage to find the correct answer? Be sure to tell in the comments section.


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