What is it and how does it work?


An international chip is a cell phone operator service that allows communication outside Brazil. With it, you can make local and international calls, send SMS messages, access the internet and use social networks.

It works like a prepaid SIM card that offers unlimited internet for a period of 5 to 30, 60 or 90 days. The duration of an international chip varies depending on the plan and operator chosen. Typically, it ranges from 5 to 60 days for the prepaid model with unlimited internet.

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How to buy an international chip

To define the final value of an international chip, you will need to take into account some factors such as the duration of the trip, the amount of data that will be used and the destination.

The international chip types are:

  • eSIM International
  • International chip sold in the destination country
  • Brazilian chip with international roaming
  • International chip purchased in Brazil

It is possible to buy an international chip in Brazil. You can visit a physical mobile phone operator store and you can also buy an international chip in local stores, airport kiosks or online.

When you purchase a SIM card, you will receive a new phone number and instructions for activating it. Make sure to activate your chip before leaving the store or airport. You can also buy a virtual chip remotely, while still in Brazil or in your country of origin. One of the companies that offers this service is Airalo.

You can even purchase the product abroad, but it is important to highlight that the chip purchased in Brazil offers support in Portuguese as one of its advantages. The card is delivered in triple size and can adapt to any cell phone model.

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When inserting the international chip into the device, it automatically connects to the local network available in the country visited. This eliminates the need to rely on international roaming.

As the price varies according to the number of days of the trip, with prepaid chips, there are no surprises when the bill arrives.

There is also a virtual chip, called eSIM, which works like any cell phone chip. It contains the phone number and data plan, allowing the smartphone to connect to a cellular network for data, calls and texts.

Varied prices and plans

International chip plans may include:

  • Plans with limited internet and unlimited local calls
  • Plans with unlimited internet and calls
  • Plans with unlimited internet and no calls
  • Plans with different internet offers
  • Plans with 500 MB to 2 GB/day
  • Unlimited internet plans for the United States, Europe, South and Central America and the Caribbean

The price of an international chip depends on the cell phone plan, internet speed, amount of data, the region in which the chip will be used and the validity period of the eSIM. Services can start at R$9.99 and can go up to R$380. Therefore, it is essential to research good operators that offer quality services with security and service differentials.

The cheapest international chip is from O Meu Chip, which has plans starting at US$30 for the e-SIM Data Europe and the physical one for Latin America. But America Chip, EasySIM4You and Best Buy have SIMs for the US starting at US$31.

According to the Euro Dicas Turismo website, the best chip for international travel is the America Chip, because it offers excellent value for money for travelers. Other company options for purchasing the international chip are Best Buy Sim, O Meu Chip, Airalo and Holafly.


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