What is an Immune System Disorder? How dangerous is it to humans?

Immune system or immunity is an automatic system of nature in the human body that has the ability to fight against major diseases.

The human body can also eliminate the effects of dangerous diseases due to its powerful immune system. However, this automatic system that fights against chronic and virulent diseases sometimes becomes ineffective or it can be said that it itself becomes sick.

Failure of the immune system can be quite dangerous for any human being and can lead to autoimmune diseases or autoimmune disorders.

Dermatologist Saleha Ishaq said that some cells of our immune system are being formed in this disease or how it occurs. They are there to defend against any foreign bacteria and viruses that enter the body.

Dr. Saleha Ishaq said that if the immune system is damaged, it starts attacking its own body cells. Instead of fighting the cells outside, it attacks the cells inside the body.

He said that it is called autoimmune disease, in which the immune cell in the body starts attacking its own cell.

This disease can be due to hereditary reasons or environment, while a major reason is our diet. Improper diet disrupts the digestive system and affects the auto-immune system. Pollution also causes this disease.

According to medical experts, a person can have several autoimmune diseases at the same time. Symptoms include fatigue, low-grade fever, restlessness and joint pain. Apart from this, skin rashes are also among the symptoms of auto-immunity.

Medical experts say that there are more than 80 types of autoimmune diseases. Women are more affected by this disease than men.

Doctors advise that to avoid this disease we have to adopt a healthy lifestyle, pay attention to our diet and avoid bakery or highly processed food. Do not gain weight, exercise and stay in a clean environment.

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