What did the woman do after brutally murdering her friend?

Kolkata: In the Indian state of West Bengal, a woman called the police to arrest her friend after brutally killing her.

According to media reports, 32-year-old Sarthak Das was killed by a woman named Sanhatipal in Kolkata city. An hour before the murder, Sarthak Das had shared a picture with the accused on social media, in which both appeared happy.

Sanhati Pal, a divorcee, had been living with the deceased along with her son for a long time. The accused is a professional make-up artist while the deceased was a photographer.

On Wednesday evening, Sanhatipal stabbed Sarathak Das to death several times in the stomach and asked the police to report the incident.

When the police reached the spot on the phone call of the accused, Sanhatipal told that Sarathik Das was killed by me. According to the police, the woman also confessed during the investigation.

Police are still unable to find out the motive behind the gruesome murder. They have detained the woman but have not registered a case yet.

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