Waze launches six new features to help drivers


I apologize to the elders, but I am a huge enthusiast of navigation applications. I know, we end up not developing our spatial intelligence, but the world today is a much better – and more accessible – place without those gigantic maps. Not to mention those endless yellow pages…

Anyway, I am, obviously, a frequent user of these apps. And, precisely for this reason, I can point out a series of capital problems. Some of these were recently resolved with the latest Waze update, which brought 6 new features for drivers.

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According to the company, the news takes into account the opinion and contribution of us, users. The launch is global, with functions available inside and outside Brazil.

O Digital Look Now shows what these 6 updates are.

1) Roundabout navigation

This one will help a lot of people who got lost in Waze's roundabout warnings. Before, you only had the numbers 1, 2, 3 and so on indicated – it was the exit number you had to take. Now, the application will provide more details: it indicates when to enter, which lane to choose and where to exit.

The feature is now available for those with Android. On iOS, the new update should be available in the coming weeks.

2) Change in speed limit

This one will take a little away from the revenue of some city halls, which place radars in places with sudden changes in speed – you know what I'm talking about.

According to the platform, this function will give the driver more time to act, slowing down the vehicle in time.

The feature will be available globally for Android and iOS users later this month.

3) New alerts on the road

One of the app's most common navigation features indicates road and weather conditions. Now, Waze also includes advance warnings about sharp curves, speed bumps and tolls.

Image: Disclosure/Waze

This new feature will not reach all users immediately: it should be implemented gradually starting this month in the app for Android and iOS.

4) Favorite routes

This one is for those who always turn on Waze before going to work (who never, right). From now on, the app will show your favorite route to a destination, indicating it as an alternative even if it is not the best option. And, as it is saved, you can compare it with others, choosing the best option.

This update will be available globally to all users.

5) Ambulance alert

These last two are quite important, but, for now, they don't work here in Brazil. Drivers will now receive advance alerts when emergency vehicles, such as ambulances, are stopped along the route.

Image: Disclosure/Waze

So far, only the USA, Canada, Mexico and France have access to this type of alert.

6) Parking lots

Finally, Waze entered into a partnership with the company Flash Parking and will now present information about parking in the USA and Canada.

The new function shows price, structure (whether they are covered or not), accessibility conditions and charging points for electric vehicles in these locations. It will also be possible to reserve a space in some parking lots, directly through the app.

Image: Disclosure/Waze

I'm looking forward to this one! There is still no forecast for arrival in Brazil.

The information is from the Google blog in Brazil.


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