Verdie: meet a very friendly and efficient little AI robot for taking care of the grass


With a very peculiar profile and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Verdie is a little robot created to take care of the grass, keeping the garden in order. It was developed by the company Electric Sheep, from the United States.

Unlike humanoid robots, Verdie was designed to be simpler, cheaper and with specific capabilities, having three-dimensional versatility. To teach the little robot to manipulate various tools in different environments and perform tasks (that go beyond cutting grass), the team behind the creation used a reinforcement learning method, in addition to an AI-based model called ES-1.

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Verdie was inspired by famous characters such as WALL-E and R2-D2. It has a mobile base adapted for challenging terrain, acting with speed and having a low cost profile.

A little robot that “learns by doing”

Detection in the environment is mainly done by cameras, allowing a detailed perception of where it is. As for reinforcement learning, it is different from what is applied to humanoids, who learn by “seeing” human actions and then imitate.

Basically, the technique allows the little robot to learn complex tasks through experimentation. Despite challenges, such as difficulty generalizing learned tasks and setting real-world goals, the team was able to adapt Verdie to perform outdoor duties effectively.

Still in the testing phase, the small robot has shown promising initial results. Electric Sheep is also optimistic for a large-scale, commercial launch.


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