Utility stores bought expensive sugar ahead of Ramadan

ISLAMABAD: Utility stores have bought expensive sugar ahead of Ramadan.

According to sources in the utility stores, the corporation has bought 20 thousand metric tons of sugar before Ramadan, which has been bought at a cost of Rs 17.10 per kg compared to the last tender.

The Utility Stores Corporation has bought sugar at Rs 142 per kg, which, after adding costs, will come to about Rs 155 per kg.

Sources said that utility stores had invited bids for 70,000 metric tonnes of sugar under the tender, as procurement of sugar was essential for availability during Ramadan.

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Earlier, the utility stores also bought 40,000 tonnes of sugar in November 2023, at a rate of Rs 124.90 per kg, and costing the corporation about Rs 138 per kg after adding expenses.

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