Ukraine war: German air chief's phone conversation with subordinates was recorded and broadcast by Russia

The phone conversation of the German air force chief with three of his subordinates regarding the war in Ukraine was recorded and broadcast by Russia. .

Margarita Simonyan, head of Russia's state broadcaster RT, released a 38-minute audio recording of a conversation between German officials on Friday about sending Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine, foreign media reports said. possibility was discussed, the German Defense Ministry on Saturday declared the audio authentic and said the conversation had been intercepted and recorded.

“Russia is trying to sow distrust between Ukraine and its allies, and show that the West is not united,” White House national security spokesman John Kirby said.

The German government said in a statement on Monday that it was a hybrid attack, aimed at creating insecurity and dividing us. Germany has also launched an investigation into a controversial war-related phone call between its military officers.

It should be noted that German Chancellor Olaf Schulz has publicly rejected the possibility of delivering the aforementioned missiles to Ukraine. As the audio clip also mentioned the British Storm Shadow cruise missiles sent to Ukraine and the presence of British troops in Ukraine, British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak's spokesman told reporters that the investigation into the audio leak was a matter for Germany, but the UK Will continue to work with Germany to support Ukraine.

After this incident, there has been a stir in Germany, the German Minister of Defense said that Russia wants to start an information war, the German Chancellor called it a serious matter, the German Minister of the Interior Nancy Fesser said that the country needs to defend itself from Russian espionage. More needs to be done.

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