UAE: Petroleum products price announcement


The Fuel Price Committee in the United Arab Emirates has announced the prices of petroleum products for March.

According to the report of the international news organization, the implementation of the new prices of petroleum products will be done from Friday, March 1.

The price of petrol Super 98 has been increased by 15 fils, after which the new price is 3.03 dirhams.

Petrol prices have been increased by 15 to 16 fils and diesel by 17 fils, including 5 percent value added tax.

E Plus 91 petrol prices have been increased from 2.69 dirhams to 2.85 dirhams, while the price of petrol special 95 has been increased by 16 fils to 2.92 dirhams.

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Last month in February, diesel was sold at 2.99 dirhams per litre, which has been increased by 17 fils, after which the new rates have become 3.16 dirhams.


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