Torrential rains and sea winds cause loss of crores to fishermen in Giuni

Jiwani: Fishermen lost 400 boats due to rain and hurricane, fishermen are worried about the heavy loss.

According to the details, due to the recent stormy rains in Gwadar, the fishermen of Jiuni have lost crores of rupees, a large number of boats are damaged and many have been washed away, the fishermen are very worried about the heavy loss.

UC Chairman and Chairman Jivani said that 400 boats have been destroyed by flood relays and sea winds and 200 kg big boats have been unable to collide with each other.

Chairman Jioni said that about 200 more boats have sunk in the sea, the value of each destroyed boat is 20 to 30 lakh rupees.

On the other hand, the relief operation of Pakistan Navy is going on in Gwadar and coastal areas, ration, medicines and warm clothes were distributed among the flood victims of Gwadar district.

During the relief operation, relief supplies were delivered to Jiwani, Gunz, Pushukan and Kapar areas of Gwadar district.

The armed forces are using all resources to completely remove the water from the houses and streets of the flood victims through special relief teams and the armed forces will ensure all possible assistance to the flood victims along with the civil administration.

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