The wrestler died immediately after the match

TOKYO: Japanese wrestling star Yutaka Yoshi has died at the age of 50, after suddenly falling ill shortly after competing in the ring.

A statement released on Japan's official website said that Yutaka Yoshi, who was competing in the Takasaki tournament held today, suddenly fell ill.

According to media reports, the bout lasted less than 12 minutes and as Yutaka Yoshi returned to the waiting room after the bout, his condition suddenly worsened and he was taken to a local hospital.


According to the report During the treatment in the hospital, he could not survive and died at the age of 50. Doctors have not given any reason for his death at present.

Japanese wrestling star Yutaka Yoshi started his career 30 years ago, he entered the world of wrestling with a mastery of Judo Karate, initially trained in professional wrestling before his debut in December 1994.

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