The woman suddenly hung upside down from the shutter

Tontigue: A woman standing outside a closed shop in the United Kingdom faced a strange situation when she suddenly hung upside down from the shutters of the shop.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a woman named Anne Hughes can be seen standing near a shop with a trolley of her goods in the market.

Meanwhile, the electrical shutter of the said shop suddenly opens, the funny scene unfolded when the back part of the woman's coat got caught in the hook in the shutter of the shop.

The woman also went up against the shutter and hung upside down, during which she started screaming and trying to save herself, which failed.

After a while, hearing the screams of the woman, the shopkeeper came running inside and very carefully grabbed the woman and brought her to the ground.

The said CCTV footage went viral after it was posted on social media, on which users made various comments calling it funny.

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