The woman driver who was hanging down from the bridge was rescued in the movie, video

After the accident, the female truck driver who was hanging down from the bridge was rescued on film, the video of the incident went viral.

A truck crashed on a bridge over the Ohio River in the US, causing it to break through the guardrail and hang down while the female truck driver was also inside and suspended in the air. The video of this dramatic scene quickly went viral on the Internet.

The accident occurred on Friday after a three-vehicle collision that left a truck hanging from a river bridge.

In the video, it can be seen that the members of the rescue team are bringing the trapped woman up through the safety harness. The woman was also taken to the hospital as a precaution after being safely evacuated.

Another person involved in the accident was also taken to the hospital. Louisville Fire Chief Brian O'Neill said the three-vehicle crash on the George Rogers-Clark Memorial Bridge was reported around noon.

He said that some people here have really played the role of heroes and they were really professional and well trained people. He easily reached the woman.

However, after the accident, the police have started an investigation while officials said that the bridge was closed for traffic from both sides till Friday afternoon.

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