The West Indies Cricket Board blamed the ICC

West Indies cricket is going through a period of decline and the board's chief executive, Jonny Grieve, has blamed the ICC for it.

West Indies, the champions of the first two ODI World Cups and known as the Black Storm, who were once shy of competing with the major teams of the world, have now found themselves in a position to compete in the recent ICC ODI World Cup. She also failed to qualify and thus the 2022 World Cup was played without the former two-time world champion.

There are many reasons why West Indies cricket has become so weak, but the Chief Executive of West Indies Cricket, Jonny Grieve, has put the responsibility on the International Cricket Council (ICC) and other cricketing nations.

West Indies Cricket Chief Executive Jonny Grew lashed out at World Cricket, blaming the ICC and other countries for undermining West Indies cricket.

In his interview to the foreign media, Jonny Grieve has alleged that the financial model of all ICC is not working and all they want is that West Indies cricket is not strong again.

He said that world cricket needs a strong West Indies, but the ICC has further reduced West Indies' revenue from 7% to 5%.

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