The US flatly refused the Pak-Iran gas pipeline project

America said absolutely no on the Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project.

The Pak-Iran gas pipeline project has once again fallen into disrepair. The United States has expressed concerns over the Pak-Iran gas pipeline project.

According to the sources, the US has informed the Pakistani authorities about the reservations on the project. Due to the US sanctions on Iran, the plan has once again fallen into disrepair.

Pakistan had asked the US to waive sanctions on Iran for the project, but the US refused to waive the sanctions imposed on Iran.

Pakistan's deadline to complete the project ends in March. If the project is not started by March, Pakistan will have to pay a fine of 18 billion dollars.

Pakistan has informed Iran of the compulsion of US sanctions and has requested to extend the deadline of the project.

Pakistan wants to start the project but US sanctions are a problem. Iran has already built its part of the 700-mile long pipeline as per the agreement. A 500 long pipeline is to be completed in Pakistan and will go to Balochistan and Sindh.

The caretaker government had approved the completion of the pipeline project a few days ago. After the approval, the US has officially expressed reservations to Pakistan and after the US reservations, Pakistan has stopped the implementation of the project again.

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