The thief tried to steal money from the post office in a unique way, the video went viral

Nottingham: A video of a disabled thief trying to steal cash from a post office using a long metal spoon has gone viral on social media.

According to foreign media, in the viral video, it can be seen that the drunken thief forgets his debit card at the scene of the incident and escapes, who is later arrested by the police.

According to reports, a drunken thief tried to steal a large sum of cash from under the post office's security screen, using a long spoon for the purpose.


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A 36-year-old man can be seen on CCTV inserting a large metal spoon through the bottom of the glass and trying to withdraw money.

An alert counter assistant at another window saw the incident and raised the alarm, which activated the security smoke system.

As soon as the post office started to smoke, the thief fled from the scene, the social media users were also surprised to see the above incident.

Police sources say that the suspect has confessed to trying to steal the cash and has told officers that he suffers from mental health issues.

He also said that he had taken cocaine and heroin shortly before entering the post office. Further action has been initiated by the police.

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