The Strange Woman and the Precious Stone

In a prosperous state, a jeweler was famous for his business of buying and selling precious stones and gold. His business was spread in big cities. Johari had servants and many servants whom he trusted completely. The sultan of the state, many nobles of the city were his regular customers. There was abundance of wealth. One day Johari thought that he should devote some time to tourism. With this in mind, he appointed his special and trusted servants to look after business and household affairs and set out on a tour of his country.

Johari, accompanied by some of his childhood friends and two servants, went to many places and saw many wonders. They were all very happy. Johari was not short of rupees, so he fed his companions well and chose a luxurious inn to stay. One day Johari went for a walk in a lush green hilly area of ​​his country. While staying at the inn, he decided to leave his friends and servants and go alone to see a famous mountain.

Johari had no accurate idea of ​​his distance and the difficulties of the route. He came close to this famous mountain but the destination was still far away. The food that Johari had taken with him ran out and he was starving from constant walking. Just as he was trying to ignore his hunger and reach the top of the mountain, he saw a woman sitting there with a bag. Johari was surprised to see her alone in this place, but he did not think much. After salutation, he asked the woman if she could give him something to eat. The woman opened her bag and took out some food and handed it to the stranger. It was then that Johari saw a precious stone lying in his bag. Johari finished the food given by the woman and thanked her saying, “O kind lady! There is a stone in your bag which I like, it will be a favor if you give it to me.'' The woman also threw away the stone to the stranger with great indifference. The jeweler was overjoyed and began to price it in his heart, which could have been very high. Now he asked permission from the woman and instead of going to the mountain, he went ahead with the intention of returning to the inn. He reached the inn and avoided asking his friends as an excuse. Johari did not tell him anything about this stone. But he did not sleep well at night. He was feeling strangely uneasy. His eyes were opening again and again and then he started thinking about something.

The next morning he once again left the inn without telling his friends. He had gone out with the intention of meeting this strange woman. He again came to the mountain and started looking for the woman. Fortunately, a woman was found sitting a short distance away. The woman smiled and asked: “What do you want now?”

Johari said: “O kind and wise woman! Take this stone back.

“But why?” The woman looked at him questioningly.

The jeweler said: “I asked you for this precious stone, if it was any other human being, he would not have understood it, but you gave it to me without any hesitation.” It shows that you have a wealth beyond what a man like me can ever know. But I felt strangely uneasy at night. I wondered how this anxiety and discomfort with such a precious stone? Then the heart said that surely you are different from ordinary people and a chosen person whom I met and returned with only this stone. I don't want this, just give me that wisdom, which has given you such a big heart and big capacity that you gave such a precious stone to a stranger at his request.

Hearing this, the woman smiled and said, “The heart of a person who is blessed by Allah Almighty with knowledge and wisdom is also enlarged.” The case of Dunyadar is quite the opposite. He lusts after the wealth and pleasures he acquires, and he is not one of those who give, but fears to share his wealth. Consider that you are not one of those people. After saying this, the woman gets up and walks away.

(an ancient tale)

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