The sari caused a quarrel between the husband and wife

In Agra, the dispute between the husband and wife over the issue of saree escalated to such an extent that both of them applied for divorce.

According to Indian media reports, a couple in Agra filed harassment complaints against each other and filed for divorce because the wife refused to wear a saree that her husband asked her to wear. There was a quarrel between them.

Deepak got married to a woman from Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh about eight months ago.

Deepak wanted his wife to wear sarees of his choice but she was adamant about wearing sarees of her choice, due to which there were daily arguments between them.

Despite repeated meetings with counsellors, the couple could not resolve matters and eventually approached the police and said they wanted a divorce, the matter will be identified in March.

The family says that they are trying hard to convince the two to live together, but the dispute over the choice of saree is becoming difficult to resolve.

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