The report of the international journal The Economist regarding governance in Pakistan


The report of the journal The Economist regarding the style of government in Pakistan states that the style of government in Pakistan is dictatorial rather than democratic.

The intelligence unit of the international British journal The Economist has declared the current system of government in Pakistan as dictatorial in the Democracy Index released in 2023. According to the report, Pakistan has suffered a downgrade in terms of ratings, which the report says is characterized by an authoritarian system of government characterized by non-transparent elections, restrictions on personal freedoms, and government or elite control of the media.

According to the intelligence unit of The Economist, democracy is declining in most countries of the world, including Pakistan. Titled Age of Conflict, the report examines the state of democracy in more than 150 countries.


The countries included in the report are classified into four categories, which are called full democracy, imperfect democracy, hybrid government and authoritarian government. Occurs in mixed-style democratic governments. However, in the report, Pakistan is the only country in Asia that has been included in the list of authoritarian, dictatorial regimes after being downgraded from the Hubbard ranking of countries with democratic processes.

Last year, Pakistan was ranked 105 in the democracy index, which has now declined to 118. Around the world, Norway, New Zealand and Iceland are the top democracies in the list. It should be noted that The Economist's intelligence unit reviews the current system in democratic countries around the world every year.

America and Democracy

In the report, countries like India, Indonesia, America and Brazil have been placed in the list of corruption. In spite of the democratic system in these countries, the democratic system continues to suffer from problems. while North Korea, Myanmar and Afghanistan are among the worst countries in terms of democratic process.

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According to the report, the decline in the democratic system has also been seen in countries where the roots of democracy are centuries old. That is why America has been declared as an almost democratic country instead of the list of fully democratic countries this year.

Democracy is declining in the world

According to the report, while the number of democracies has increased, the global average democracy index score has fallen to 5.23 in 2023, from 5.29 a year ago. This is the lowest global level of democracy since the first study was published in 2006.

The report of The Economist has written that the deteriorating situation of media and freedom of expression at the global level is also a bad stain on the democratic process of democratic countries.

The report on the reasons for the deterioration of democracy states that the increasing trend of non-participation of the people in the electoral process indicates their disillusionment with the democratic system.


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