The reason for the mysterious stench spreading in the city has come to light


Cape Town: The life of the citizens became miserable due to the spread of foul-smelling sewage in the South African city. After investigation, a merchant ship was blamed for the situation.

According to the details, the atmosphere of Cape Town, a tourist city of South Africa, was filled with an unbearable stench yesterday, due to which the condition of all the citizens became worse.

Citizens thought that perhaps there was sewage work going on somewhere in their city or that the smell was arising due to plumbing problems in their homes.

Seeing the matter escalating, the concerned authorities immediately took notice of the situation and started an investigation.

The local city councilor confirmed that the smell was actually coming from a Kuwaiti ship called Al Kuwait carrying 19,000 cattle from Brazil to Iraq, which docked at the port of Cape Town for cattle feed and medical examination of the cattle. The style was done.

According to the report of the news agency, Grace, a senior inspector of the council, said that there were some cattle pens on board the ship, in which many cattle were standing on their waste piles.

Port operator Transnet said in a statement that the ship was scheduled to depart on February 20, according to the ship's agent and terminal operator.

The NSPCA, an organization campaigning against the movement of live animals, has ordered the ship to Kuwait "”Death Ship” and described the stench emanating from their accumulated excreta as terrifying for the animals on board for two-and-a-half weeks.


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