The husband's fight on the road caused the woman's death!


While driving, the husband's abuse and fight with the driver sitting in the other car took the life of his wife.

A fight between two people driving a car in the US state of Texas turned deadly, allegedly because both people were trying to overtake each other while driving, which escalated.

At approximately 9:18 p.m., police and fire units received a report from the 1400 block of West Hurst Boulevard that a 37-year-old woman, Paula Nunez Linares, had been shot in the head, the Hearst Police Department said.

Fire Department paramedics rushed the woman to John Peter Smith Hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

Police said that the deceased woman's husband was present at the scene and told the authorities that while driving on the road, he and the driver of another vehicle got into a fight while they were trying to overtake each other. were

“We were traveling when a car appeared behind us,” said Zane Jones, the woman's husband. I was in my right lane and he tried to overtake me.

While driving fast, this person tried to push my car, but in the meantime I was protecting my car from him.

The victim's husband said that during this time I saw that the man was holding a gun, he fired at the left window of our car, and the bullet hit the wife's head.

Police have launched an investigation to identify the suspect vehicle and have described it as a small, dark-colored, older model car, while asking the public to come forward with information about the shooting.


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