The heartbreaking incident of street robbery and violence in Britain, the video touched hearts

Sheffield: Robbers in the United Kingdom severely tortured a citizen to steal jewelry, and escaped with jewelry worth thousands.

According to the details, theft and robbery incidents are becoming very common all over the world.

The video of the incident went viral on social media in which it can be seen that a group of robbers tried to snatch a packet of jewelery from a man on the roadside in the British city of Sheffield, which he resisted.

After failing to snatch the box of jewelry worth fifty thousand pounds, the accused threw him on the ground and subjected him to severe violence and rained kicks and punches, during which passers-by also gathered.

In a video posted on social media website Instagram, a large crowd can be seen on the side of a street in Sheffield. What are you doing? However, the accused managed to escape by snatching the packet of jewelery from the person.

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