The February 8 election was a silent revolution, Malik Amir Dogar


National Assembly member Malik Amir Dogar, supported by PTI, has said that the February 8 election was a silent revolution.

According to ARY News, speaking on the occasion of the National Assembly session, Malik Amir Dogar said that I congratulate Sardar Ayaz Sadiq for being elected Speaker for the third time, he said that we protested without special seats. Fought election with

Malik Aamir Dogar said that if the result came according to Form 45, my votes would have been 225 today, my votes were 91 and your votes were 191. He said that I am a single party and you are seven parties.

He said that 80 seats were taken away from us, if the seats were not taken away from us, PTI is the largest party. According to Form 45, I am standing in the House today with 225 seats.

Malik Amir Dogar further said that one person who was given our quota of 94 seats became a loot, till morning there was pressure on our people, we are thankful to our members that our 91 votes were completed.

Malik Amir Dogar said that those who voted in this country were neither considered nor respected, he said that we do not have a member in this house who does not have at least 10 cases

Ayaz Sadiq elected Speaker of National Assembly

Malik Amir Dogar, while addressing the Speaker of the National Assembly, Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, said that if this drama was to be played, then what was the need of this nation to spend 50 billion rupees, this was not an election but a selection.


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