The farthest point on Earth from the center of the planet

The highest point on Earth is Mount Everest. It measures 8,849 meters, making it the highest place above sea level. But this is not the farthest point on the planet from the center of the Earth. This title goes to Mount Chimborazo, in Ecuador, the 37th highest mountain in the Andes.

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Monte Chimborazo is the 37th highest mountain in the Andes (Image: Giuseppe Flandoli/Shutterstock)

Centrifugal force is the explanation

There is a scientific explanation for this fact. As the planet spins, centrifugal force causes the Earth to protrude at the center by about 27 miles. This causes the points that are close to the equatorial line to be further away from the nucleus.

“The centrifugal force will depend on the speed of rotation, which is the same on Earth at all latitudes, and the radius. As the radius decreases as we increase latitude, whether to the North or South, the centrifugal force will be greater at the Equator than at the poles. And this difference is what causes the Earth to be slightly flattened at the poles. The largest mass on Earth, therefore, is in the equatorial region” — explains Marcelo Zurita, astronomer and columnist for Olhar Digital.

As a result, the peak of Mount Chimborazo, in Ecuador, becomes the furthest point on our planet in relation to the center of the Earth.

This also means that this Andean mountain is the closest you can get to the stars without leaving the ground. The information is from IFLScience.

Peak of Mount Everest seen from afar
Peak of Mount Everest (Image: Rawpixel)

Distance between Chimborazo and Everest is two thousand meters

  • Recent measurements carried out with GPS confirmed that Chimborazo is at an altitude of 6,268 meters and 6,384 kilometers from the center of the Earth, that is, around 2,000 meters more than Everest (6,382 kilometers away from the center of our planet).
  • The most interesting thing is that the second position is not from the famous mountain either.
  • Just 40 meters behind Chimborazo, Mount Huascarán appears in Peru.
  • These numbers were confirmed in 2016 by researchers from the Military Geographic Institute of Ecuador and the French Development Research Institute.

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