The 5 best international chips for traveling to the United States and Europe

Taking an international trip and being without internet access is unthinkable, which is why choosing the best international chips has to be at the top of the traveler's planning list. Knowing the service offered by cell phone operators is the first step in deciding which chip is the best choice for your objective.

Prices for international chips vary depending on the destination and number of days of use. For example, a SIM card for the United States with unlimited internet costs around US$75, while a SIM card for Europe with unlimited internet costs between €30 and €50. Therefore, it is essential to research among companies that offer plans and services and what their differences are.

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Therefore, we will make the decision easier and present 5 great options to shorten the distance and facilitate communication with those in Brazil.

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1- America Chip

According to the Eurodicas website, America Chip is the best operator for international roaming. It offers excellent value for money for travelers, with the best rates on the market and coverage in more than 200 countries.

The plans are affordable and have broad coverage for Europe, with payment via PIX or credit card. America Chip offers several unlimited internet plans for trips of 5 to 90 days, which include a prepaid SIM card in triple size and can adapt to any cell phone model.

Plans vary depending on the travel destination. There are 4 types of plans: in addition to the USA Plan and the Europe Plan, it offers the South, Central America and Caribbean Plan and the Mundi Plan. They include:

  • Unlimited 5G Internet
  • Connections
  • Text Messages
  • Local number
  • 24-hour support in Portuguese
  • WhatsApp with the same number used in Brazil

The USA International Chip has an unlimited 5G connection and offers the following options:

  • Promo Chip United States 10 GB – Calls and Internet. From US$39.90
  • United States Chip – Unlimited 5G Internet. From US$31.00

The American chip provides the customer with a local number. This provides more practicality and safety on the trip. It also offers access to 4G internet within the European Union, calls via WhatsApp, internet only (if you prefer) and unlimited calls and texts within the EU.

The company achieved maximum reputation in Reclame AQUI. Your average grade over the last 6 months is 8.7/10.

2- Best Buy Yes

Best Buy Sim's international chip offers unlimited high-speed internet, with support for 4G and 5G connections. The price of the chip varies according to the chosen destination and the number of days of the trip. e-SIM plans include a $6 activation fee.

The price of the Best Buy Sim Card will depend on the plan purchased, but from US$22 it is possible to purchase the chip. For Europe, prices vary from US$40 and US$218.90. The final price will depend on the plan and the days contracted.

It also offers e-sim, a virtual chip compatible with new generation cell phones. The e-sim is a little cheaper and is a great option if you need to buy at the last minute.

To activate the Europe eSIM, you can activate the eSIM before your trip, while you are still in Brazil, or activate it when you arrive in Europe. Whichever you choose, you will receive a Best Buy Sim QR Code, which you will use to set up the eSIM on your device.

According to the website, they guarantee security, practicality and high-quality connection. The company offers service in Portuguese via phone, email or WhatsApp. Furthermore, the service is managed by America Chip (the first on our list).

The consumer rated this company's service as “Regular” on Reclame AQUI. The average score over the last 12 months is 6.9/10.

3- My Chip

Another operator that offers options among the best international chips. Named “omeuchip” it is an internet chip for international travel with unlimited data and 4G/5G. The chips are available for three destinations: USA, America and Global. Most plans offer access to the 5G network.

Chips cost, on average, from US$30, depending on the number of days contracted for use during the trip. Meu Chip offers 24-hour customer service in Portuguese.

International chips are prepaid, with a limited validity period from the date of purchase. Before purchasing, it is important to check the conditions and make sure there is coverage for the duration of the trip.

Meu Chip works with 4G and 5G internet for a period of five to 120 days. Depending on the plan chosen, it can even offer voice calls and SMS. The SIM or e-SIM (virtual) card works like a prepaid chip and only starts working on the first day of the trip.

The operator offers eight international travel plan packages. Plans vary depending on the region and benefits offered. For the United States, it offers the USA Control Plan and the USA 5G Data Plan.

The US Control Plan lasts 30 days, unlimited local calls and an internet allowance of 2, 5 or 10 GB. The USA 5G Data Plan is a data-only plan, with unlimited internet for personal use, lasting from 5 to 30 days.

For Europe, O Meu Chip offers five products:

  • Europe 5G/4G Data ($32.50)
  • Europe Voice and Data 5G/4G
  • e-SIM Data Europe
  • Europe 5G/4G Control Plan
  • e-SIM Data Europa Controle ($32.50)

The consumer rated this company's service as “Good” on Reclame AQUI. The average score over the last 6 months is 7.2/10.

4- Holafly

Holafly is a Spanish international virtual chip startup that offers eSIM cards for travel with coverage in more than 160 countries. The Holafly eSIM is an international virtual chip that does not need a physical chip to provide data abroad. It is very practical, however, your cell phone needs to be compatible.

It is a completely virtual connection option. From choosing the package to activating your chip, you perform all steps remotely. The Holafly eSIM is installed by scanning a QR code or activation code received by email. In general, packages last from 5 days to 3 months.

Holafly offers an International Europe eSIM plan, which includes unlimited data and calls throughout the European Union. Prices range from US$19 for 5 days to US$99 for 90 days. Holafly's European eSIM allows users to use mobile data and make calls. The purchase is made online and the user receives an email with instructions for activating the chip.

The company has a good reputation on the Trustpilot website, with 4.6 stars (out of 5). Until October 2023, the company received 26,433 reviews, 91% of which are classified as “Good” or “Very good”. It is not yet verified and does not have the Reclame AQUI trust seal, nor does it have a reputation on the site.

5- Airalo

Airalo is an overseas internet service company that offers temporary mobile data plans. eSIM chips work in the same way as traditional chips, but without the need to place a physical chip in the phone. It was the pioneering eSIM store in the world.

The company's digital chips only provide data plans for internet access, which is what we generally need while traveling. That is, it does not offer a local telephone number and telephone service.

Airalo offers three types of plans: local, regional and global. Local plans only work in a specific country, while regional plans are more expensive, but allow you to connect in several countries with a single plan.

Airalo plans are generally valid for between 7 and 30 days, and with 1 GB to 20 GB of data. However, validity varies by country, with Global SIM being available for up to one year.

When choosing the best eSIM plan for your trip, you should consider how much data you need. Airalo eSIMs come with a fixed amount of data (e.g. 1GB, 3GB, 5GB) and many have a top-up option to add data when they're low.

The operator is a good choice for those who want to have constant connectivity, eliminating the need to purchase a new SIM card in each country visited. The company has a good reputation in the market, with positive customer reviews.

However, on Trustpilot, Airalo responds to 93% of negative reviews. Among the main complaints is the lack of support for users and the virtual chip not working. Some users report that Airalo can be a good option, but they wouldn't trust it 100% without a plan B in case of failures. It's worth buying a more basic plan to test, which is why we considered adding it to the list of options with the best international chips.

In Reclame AQUI, it appears as a non-recommended reputation, with less than 50% of complaints answered.

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