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Updated February 29, 2024

STUDY, EXPLORE AND ADVENTURE THROUGH EUROPE! – this is the mantra of our new program: Study and Travel London with Egali. Exploring new cultures, improving English language skills and creating unforgettable memories – these are the goals of many students who opt for study abroad programs. O Study and Travel London has a unique proposal, offered by Egali in partnership with the renowned school Stafford House, which promises not only to improve mastery of the English language, but also to provide a rich, diverse cultural immersion full of incredible discoveries.

In this article, we will show you the main features that make the program Study and Travel London is so special, from the practical details to the enriching experiences you can enjoy in this unique experience.

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study and travel london

What is Study and Travel London?

The program of Study and Travel in London is offered to those exchange students who seek to improve their English while experiencing all the magic of England during the reverse class shift. will be three weeks with complete cultural immersion, experiencing the places, seeing tourist attractions, as well as immersing yourself in the culture, meeting new people, making friends and interacting with people from all over the world.

The program offers activities during the summer holidays here in Brazil, meaning you won't have to worry about college or school during this period and you will have incredible memories to share with your friends when you return!

Main points of our program:

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Where will I study?

The heart of the program is our renowned partner school Stafford Houseknown for its quality of teaching, welcoming environment and a great mix of nationalities promoting a different immersion.

Study and travel London

Common guaranteed morning shiftyou will have the opportunity to improve your English language skills in a stimulating, interactive environment with native teachers who are ready to welcome you all levels of English. The school not only offers excellent facilities, but also has highly qualified teachers, creating an environment conducive to learning and growth. Check out the characteristics of our renowned partner in London:

Study and travel london

Where will I stay during the program?

Accommodations available for the Study and Travel for London with Egali are:

  • Homestay double (shared rooms within a family home); or
  • Accommodation By Egali.

It is important to highlight that there is no option to choose regarding the type of accommodation in this case for the exchange student, both residences have their own standard and will be accessible for your program throughout your stay there.

Amazing tours across the UK

In addition to immersive classes and accommodation where you can make friends from all over the world, the program includes Day Trips in order to provide exchange students with diverse ways to explore the most iconic cities in the world UK. Check out the tours, day trips and trips that are included in the incredible Egali program package:


The city of Oxford has an academic atmosphere in the air and on every corner, with renowned colleges, such as Christchurch and the Magdalen Collegewhich has been the setting for famous film productions, such as Harry Potter. Visitors can explore the Bodleian Libraryone of the oldest in Europe, and delve into centuries of knowledge accumulated in one place.

The streets that demonstrate a lot of architecture with cobblestones embedded in the alleys and the lush gardens that provide an enchanting experience, where academic tradition merges with architectural beauty.

During the Day trip to Oxford, you will have the opportunity to experience British academic life in person. In addition to the film schools, the tours will include many tourist attractions such as the city's incredible and well-kept gardens that will certainly be an enchanting experience. The city is also home to fascinating museums, such as the Ashmolean Museumwhich offers a unique insight into history and art.

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Ashmolean Museum


By the sea, Brighton is more than just a coastal town: it's a center for creativity and diversity. Beyond the iconic Brighton Pieryou can visit the vibrant North Laine neighborhood, full of vintage shops, art galleries and cozy cafes.

The Royal Pavilion, with its exotic architecture, is an architectural jewel that provides a journey back to the British royal era. At night, the illuminated promenade and cultural events make Brighton an effervescent and unforgettable city.

Brighton is an eclectic mix of cultures and styles. You can try local cuisine in The Lanesknown for its exclusive restaurants.

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Study and Travel London
Brighton cafe, The Lanes


Home to brilliant and innovative minds, it is a city that breathes history and academic excellence. Discover the grandeur of King's College Chapel, with impressive stained glass windows that tell fascinating stories. A boat trip along the River Cam is one of the most relaxing experiences during your exchange, providing unique views of the banks. Traditional pubs, frequented by generations of students, offer a welcoming atmosphere in which to soak up the unique atmosphere of this university town.

One day trip to Cambridge is not just a historic visit, but a journey through academic excellence and natural beauty. In addition to King's College Chapel, also explore the extensive Darwin College gardens and enjoy a traditional meal in one of the riverside pubs. The tour of punting offers a unique and relaxing perspective on the city, allowing participants to soak up Cambridge's unique atmosphere.

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study and travel london
King's College Chapel

2-Day 1-Night Tour to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and a destination that mixes history, culture and spectacular landscapes. With its medieval architecture and the imposing Edinburgh Castle on the horizon, the city immediately captivates exchange students who decide to visit the city. A Royal Milea street full of traditional shops, cozy pubs and street performers, offers an authentic Scottish experience.

The 2-day, 1-night tour of Edinburgh is a unique opportunity for you to explore the city's cultural riches. In addition to visiting Edinburgh Castle, the tour allows you to explore the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen's official residence in Scotland. The Grassmarket district offers a lively atmosphere with its historic pubs and traditional shops.

study and travel london
Palace of Holyroodhouse, Canongate – Photo by Diego Allen on Unsplash

Scottish hospitality is breathtaking, you will stay in a budget hotel, which will provide you with an even greater immersion in local life by going out and getting to know the city at night. Nightlife in Edinburgh is full of excitement, where participants can enjoy live music and performances in traditional pubs.

In addition to historical sites, Edinburgh offers fascinating tours, such as climbing the Arthur's Seat, a volcanic hill that provides panoramic views of the city. O National Museum of Scotland and the Scotch Whiskey Experience are unmissable stops, offering an in-depth insight into Scottish culture and tradition.

One of the program’s biggest differences Study and Travel London is the inclusion of the tour to Edinburgh that expands the cultural experience and also provides a journey of discovery in one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. With an overnight stay, enriching tours and the opportunity to immerse yourself in Scottish authenticity, the tour within the program offers a complete experience, connecting participants not only with the English language but also with Scotland's rich cultural heritage.

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study and travel london
Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

Cultural and Social Activities

Finally, the program has social and cultural programs within London where you can interact with people from all over the world and acquire a lot of stories to tell:

Walking Tours

The program goes beyond teaching with exercises inside the classrooms of the renowned Stafford House, exclusive activities, day trips and everything we have already mentioned above. The program ends the services with two Walking Tours led by our best London guides Egali base in Londonwhere we will show you the main tourist attractions in the city, as well as the main places for you to do your shopping in the market, pharmacies, bank and everything else you need during this period of study abroad.

Pub Crawls

You Pub Crawls are cultural in London, Egali wouldn't leave you out. The program features not just one, but two Pub Crawls in London with our base. You can check out the main pubs in London, from smaller pubs to bars with live music and lots of people to meet!

6 exclusive Egali events

Within the package, you will have access to 6 exclusive events organized by Egali, where you will meet other exchange students doing the program in London and you will be able to enjoy other places, always discovering new places or revisiting places you loved!

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What does the program include?

Below, we separate the topics so you can see more briefly what the program Study and Travel London by Egali offers:

  • 3 week language course
  • premium school
  • Tuition fee and materials
  • 3 weeks accommodation in double Homestay or accommodation By Egali
  • 4 weeks of travel insurance
  • Egali support throughout the program
  • Egali reception at the airport (on the blocking flight)
  • 2 Walking tours in London
  • Daytrips to Cambridge, Oxford and Brighton
  • 2 pub crawls
  • 6 exclusive events

Additional Costs and Practical Details

The final value of the package, not including airfareit's from GBP 2,480.00.

The departure window is set between July 3rd and 7th, 2025, with return scheduled between July 24th and 28th, 2025.

IMPORTANT: Airline tickets and attraction tickets are not included in the package.

Study and travel london

Do you want to experience Study and Travel London?

The program Study and Travel London is not just a study abroad program; it is a complete journey of learning and cultural discovery. With the academic quality of Stafford Houseaccommodations that focus on meeting the needs of our exchange students and enriching experiences, this program promises not only improve language skillsbut also provide unforgettable moments.

The investment goes beyond the financial; is an investment in knowledge, personal growth and cultural connections. For those seeking a unique and memorable educational experience, Study and Travel in London is a choice that promises to enrich the present and shape the future. Click below and talk to our experts at no cost and without obligation:

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