'Shaadi Ke Side Effects' Rahma Zaman's funny video goes viral

The funny video of Rahma Zaman, an emerging actress of the showbiz industry, has gone viral.

On photo and video sharing app Instagram, actress Rahma Zaman shared an interesting video and wrote in the caption that she is telling 'side effects of marriage'.

In the video, Rahma tells her husband that 'the tea is getting cold, take another cup.'

As soon as they hold the cup of tea, Rahma grabs them by the hair and starts beating them.

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Rahma Zaman shared this video a few hours ago, which is being appreciated by fans and appreciative comments are also being made on it.

Earlier in an interview, he said that many people said that you should go to such and such a production house, call someone, but it seems very strange to go to someone and say that you have a role for me. Is.

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Rahma Khalid had said that she called two places on the request of people, but I don't like doing that at all and it affects your image. .'

“It's not good to go to someone's door and ask for work,” he said, “I feel like you don't get a good drama until you get a game-changer project and people like you a lot.”

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The actress said that after a drama becomes a hit, you also become a demand of the public and then the projects start getting.

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