Saudi Arabia: The complicated and longest operation of the torso-jointed girls was successful

In Saudi Arabia, the girls were separated after a complex and successful 14-hour surgery.

According to foreign media, a very complicated and 14-hour-long operation was done to separate the Nigerian girls with torsos in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, which was successful and both girls are healthy after being separated.

After listening to the successful operation, the parents, who were waiting for hours, cried for joy and immediately prostrated before Allah to express their gratitude.

According to the report, the operation to separate Nigerian girls 'Hasna and Hasina' whose abdomen and lower torso were attached at the King Abdullah Medical City managed by the Ministry of National Guard in Riyadh was started on Thursday morning, which was very complicated. It lasted for 14 hours.

Head of the medical team and adviser to the royal palace, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rubia said that 'Hasna and Hasina' were brought to the kingdom on October 31 last year. After which various tests were done on him and a team of expert surgeons from different fields studied the case for several days so that the operation was successful.

It should be noted that regarding the operation, the doctors said that this is a very complicated procedure in which the chances of success can be 70 percent.

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