Samsung sends Galaxy S24 Ultra to photograph Earth from space


Samsung attached four Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphones to stratospheric balloons to take photographs of the Earth directly from space for six days. The action was part of the company's marketing campaign to publicize the potential of its new high-end cell phone, which stands out for the immense quality of the camera and its optical zoom, which maintains maximum quality up to five times the standard distance. .

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Galaxy S24 Ultra space
Image: Samsung US/X

To send smartphones into space, Samsung created a carbon fiber structure and secured the device well. This even facilitated and protected the cell phone in its recovery upon return to the surface.

Galaxy S24 Ultra space
Image: Disclosure/Samsung

The devices were taken to an altitude of 120,000 feet, or 36,000 meters, and, at pre-determined intervals, captured high-resolution images of the environment below them. Samsung programmed the devices to capture photos using different Galaxy S24 Ultra settings, such as zooming up to 5 times without any loss of quality, wide-angle lens for landscapes and different focal lengths.

The smartphone, it is worth mentioning, did not reach what is called outer space. However, the reach of the stratosphere already allows the sensation of having the planet photographed from above, as in the image below.

Galaxy S24 Ultra space
Image: Samsung US/X

The “mission” began in four different locations: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Sierra Nevada. In total, there were six days of flying. Samsung stated that the devices were recovered without any problems. To land, the balloons' hydrogen was released remotely and the parachutes were deployed, allowing a smooth and controlled descent to the ground.


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