Samsung Galaxy Ring may not work with iPhone; understand


Samsung revealed more details about the Galaxy Ring at the MWC 2024 fair, including how the South Korean brand's new wearable will work, which devices it will be compatible with, battery capacity and more.

More exclusive details were revealed in an interview with CNET.

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Galaxy Ring incompatible with iPhone?

As for smartphones that support pairing, the options may be more limited. Galaxy family devices will obviously work without problems. Samsung also stated that it will ensure that users of other Android devices can also use the Galaxy Ring without having to change phones.

For iPhone owners, however, the same will not be offered. The company is considering limiting the device's functionality on iOS and hopes that Ring will make fans of Apple devices migrate to a Galaxy smartphone.

Galaxy Ring
Image: Disclosure/Samsung

The information came from Samsung's vice president and head of the company's healthcare team, Hon Pak: “Ultimately, we hope our devices are of such a caliber that people are willing to switch (platforms)“, the executive told CNET.

It is worth mentioning that the decision could still change until the launch of the gadget, expected in 2024.

What we know about the Galaxy Ring

  • One detail is that the smaller version of the Ring will have a more basic 14.5 mAh battery, compared to 21.5 mAh in the larger models.
  • The manufacturer's estimate is that it will last between five and nine days without needing to be charged.
  • In weight, the smaller Ring will be 2.3 g, while the larger one will weigh 2.9 g.
  • Another highlight mentioned is compatibility. Samsung explained that the Galaxy Ring will be a kind of ally to the Galaxy Watch.
  • The two can transfer metrics between each other and even combine data to offer better results to users.
galaxy ring
Galaxy Ring was Samsung's big attraction at MWC 2024. Image: Disclosure/Samsung


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