Samsung Galaxy Ring battery life revealed


Samsung revealed more details about the Galaxy Ring during Mobile World Congress this week, the battery, however, remained a mystery. At the event, the company only said that the device could be disconnected for a long time. But now it seems we have more concrete information about this.

What do you need to know?

  • Samsung revealed details about the Galaxy Ring;
  • But the drums remained a mystery;
  • New information indicates that the duration should be up to nine days;
  • However, depending on the user, this number may be different.
galaxy ring
Galaxy Ring is Samsung's biggest attraction at MWC 2024. (Image: Samsung / Disclosure)

According to information compiled by the website 9to5Google, the Samsung technology ring's battery should last around nine days. But of course, as with other devices of its kind, this will vary depending on the features activated and the amount of time the user uses it.

The estimated duration of the Samsung gadget is a little longer than that of other rings of this type, which usually have a battery that lasts between five and seven days. Remembering that the Galaxy Ring also has several sizes, which can also affect these numbers.

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Learn more about the Galaxy Ring

The device uses artificial intelligence and will monitor sleep, heart rate, movement and breathing, providing users with personalized advice to improve sleep quality. A partnership between Samsung and Natural Cycles will also provide fertility monitoring capabilities, similar to Oura.

Samsung Galaxy Ring
Image: Disclosure/Samsung

The product will also offer a new tool called My Vitality Score, which measures the user's alertness and provides scientific tips to improve overall well-being. The Galaxy Ring will be integrated into the Samsung Health ecosystem and will be compatible with the Galaxy Watch, enabling more comprehensive data collection about the user's health.

Samsung has not yet revealed all the details of the new product, but has already confirmed that it will initially only be compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Compatibility with other Android devices should happen in the future, while iOS has not yet been confirmed.


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