Roku disables devices until users accept new terms

Since last Tuesday (5), Roku users in the US turned on their devices and discovered that it was not working. At least, not before they agreed to Roku's new dispute resolution terms. Devices are unusable until the user agrees to the terms. The information is from TechCrunch.

An email was sent to users on Monday, saying that “we have made changes to our Dispute Resolution Terms, which describe how you can resolve disputes with Roku. We recommend that you read the updated Dispute Resolution Terms. By continuing to use our products or services, you agree to these updated terms.”

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The company's new terms include an agreement that prevents the user from suing or participating in legal actions against Roku. Anyone who wants to continue using Roku TV or streaming is forced to accept our terms.

Paragraph of Roku agreement draws attention

  • In Roku's new terms of use, there is one section in particular that stands out, the “Informal Dispute Resolution” section;
  • In it, the user who agrees to the terms is informed that anyone with legal complaints is required to first raise the matter with Roku's lawyers;
  • The lawyers will hold a meeting and conference and then offer a “fair and fact-based” resolution.

The new rules are Roku's way of protecting itself from legal disputes before they happen, however, the ban on using the service until the agreement is accepted raises questions regarding the ethics of the attitude.

The change in terms had already been made last year, but only came into force recently and now, a few weeks later, users are being informed by this method that leaves little room for choice.

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