Resumption of trade activities on the Pak-Afghan border


Trade activities on the Pak-Afghan border have been restored.

According to the details, on November 16, 2023, Pakistan announced a one-document regime for the arrival and departure at the Pak-Afghan border, after which local people started protesting against this policy.

Due to the sit-in, Chaman border remained closed for almost 4 months and many local laborers became jobless.

On February 17, empty vehicles started crossing the border while on February 27, vehicles carrying cargo started crossing the border.

The citizens of Chaman say that the Pak-Afghan border of Chaman, which was closed for 5 months, has now been opened with the help of the government and the Pakistan Army.

The citizen says that more than 4,000 empty vehicles were left behind by the efforts of the government. We are very grateful to the government and the forces of Pakistan. Due to the border closure, Pakistan and Balochistan suffered a lot. Activities have started.


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