Recognize the Palestinian right to self-determination, the United States


Washington: US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller says that we recognize the right of Palestinians to self-determination.

During the press briefing, the journalist asked the spokesperson of the US Department of State Matthieu Miller, “Do you recognize Palestine as a state?” On which he said that we do not recognize Palestine as an independent state.

The journalist asked whether we can compare China and Taiwan with Palestine, the US gives Taiwan independent status despite being with China, does the Palestinians also have the same right?

The spokesperson of the US State Department said that we do not recognize Palestine as a Korean state, we are trying to establish a state in Palestine.

Matthew Miller, while briefing the media, further said that the policies of the next several months will be very important for Pakistanis to maintain economic stability.

More children die of malnutrition in Gaza

The US urges Pakistan to continue working with the IMF and other international financial institutions on macroeconomic reforms.


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