Reasons to do your exchange in Liverpool, the city of the Beatles!

Updated October 26, 2023

This small city is known worldwide for being the birthplace of the Beatles, inspiring many of the compositions made by the band, in addition, it is a port city, which gives the destination a special charm. And the big news in this post is that doing an exchange in Liverpool is possible with Egali!

Have you ever imagined doing your exchange in Liverpool in the same place where John, Paul, George and Ringo were born? Of course, the city isn't just about the Beatles, it has many other attractions that are sure to enrich your experience of living abroad and which we will talk about next.

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What is the cost of living like in England?

We brought this item as the first on our list, as we know that the Pound is a currency that is more valued compared to the Dollar and the Euro. Therefore, the news that the Liverpool's cost of living is one of the most economical in England becomes even more important when deciding on the destination for your exchange.

What happens is the same thing that we explained in this post about Drogheda, in Ireland. As it is a smaller city (Liverpool has 496,784 inhabitants), the cost of living ends up being cheaper than living in the capital.

Furthermore, you also have the advantage of having less contact with foreigners, which provides greater immersion in English culture during the exchange in Liverpool. exchange in liverpool - city

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What to do in Liverpool?

If there's one thing you can't complain about in Liverpool, it's the lack of things to do in the city. The destination has many attractions, and best of all: for the most diverse types of tastes. Liverpool's cultural scene is very rich. It mainly involves many museums, music, with many festivals and, of course, the Beatles!

In Albert Dock you can find the Beatles museum, with a collection dedicated to the band that gave the city great fame. There, it will be the starting point of one of the most popular city tours among tourists, the Magical Mystery Tourwhere you can visit the houses where the Liverpool boys spent their childhood, the spots in the city that inspired songs and finish the tour at the Cavern Club, the pub where the group made their first performances.

Do you think cultural attractions are over? Of course not! Liverpool also hosts several music festivals throughout the year. In August, for example, the Beatles Weekan entire week dedicated to the band.

Boat ride

You can start by making a boat trip on the River Mersey, where you can see some of the city's main tourist attractions such as the Port of Liverpool, the Cunard (former headquarters of a shipping company) and the Royal Liver Building. This tour is great for getting to know the city from another point of view. You ferries They leave from Pier Head, lasting 50 minutes and including tourist narration.

liverpool interchange - sefton park
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Outdoor parks and tours

And if you enjoy outdoor walks, with lots of contact with green areas, you can't miss going to the Sefton Park. They say that the park's bandstand was the inspiration for the song Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles!

And speaking of the Beatles, this band that we (and everyone) love, the city also has many tours inspired by the quartet. In addition to many art galleries to visit. There are so many options that we even had to make a topic just for it!

Very rich cultural scene

To begin with, the city is the second with the most museums and art galleries in England, behind only London. And let’s face it, this is a very respectful position, right?! Furthermore, Liverpool is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

There you will be able to visit the branch of TateModern, the same as in London, enjoy the more than 700 works of art at the Walker Art Gallery, delve into history at the World Museum Liverpool and see the countless exhibitions at Albert Dock.

exchange in liverpool - beatles
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Albert Dock and other cultural options

In fact, Albert Dock is an area that was completely revitalized at the time of the city's renewal in 1990. This place was abandoned, with the buildings compromised, and was transformed into a large cultural area, with galleries, museums and restaurants. Furthermore, all of Albert Dock's old warehouses are listed by UNESCO.

In addition to the Albert Dock area, you cannot miss visiting the Bluecoat Arts, a gallery-filled cultural center located in the oldest building in central Liverpool. And if you enjoy reading, take the opportunity to visit the School Lane area, which is full of bookstores and second-hand bookstores. This way, you have a super cool ride and still train your reading.

exchange in liverpool - albert dock
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What is the nightlife like in Liverpool?

Despite having many cultural attractions, that's not all Liverpool is made of. Like every English city, it is also full of pubs!

And most of them are located in Matthew Street, which happens to be the street where the Hard Day's Night Hotel is located, a hotel entirely dedicated to the Beatles and which promises a unique experience. In pubs, you can drink lots of pints beer or cider, enjoy making friends and enjoying good music.

And if you want a very typical experience on your exchange in Liverpool, be sure to visit the Philharmonic Dining Room, an old gentlemen's club that was transformed into a super traditional pub. The Phil, as it is known by local citizens, is located in a Victorian building from 1858 and has pink marble urinals in the men's bathrooms! A unique tour, for sure.

interchange in liverpool - mathew street
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Football and local passion

Really, Brazilians will feel at home during their exchange in Liverpool. That's because we share the same passion with the city's inhabitants: football!

Liverpool is the city of two great English teams, the Liverpool FC and Everton FC..In fact, the two have a great rivalry, starring in the classic Merseyside Derby, a match that drives the fans and the English championship crazy!

So, if you like the sport, be sure to visit the Anfield Stadiumthe Liverpool stadium, or even plan to watch one of the English championship matches in the city.

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Where to go shopping in Liverpool?

In Liverpool you will also find great places to shop! The best known of them is certainly the Liverpool One, an open-air shopping mall in the city center. There, you will be able to shop in world-renowned brand stores.

If you like to buy more alternative things, you can't miss Nelson Street. In addition to being like a small Camden Town in the city, this street is the gateway to the oldest Chinatown in Europe.

And if you are looking for a store with musical items, go to Hairy Records on Bold Street. They say it is one of the best vinyl stores in England.

exchange in liverpool - liverpool one
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Is London close to Liverpool?

You can already see throughout this post that there is no shortage of attractions in Liverpool. But you’ll always feel like visiting the English capital, right?! After all, London is a unique and incredible city!

And the good news is that Liverpool is just 2h15 from London by train. So, you can visit the capital on a weekend, enjoy the attractions and sights, and return to Liverpool.

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How does getting around the city work?

As we said in our first topic, Liverpool is a city with 496,784 inhabitants, that is, it is not very big. This means that getting around there is very easy.

The city has bus and subway lines, as well as sections that can be taken with ferry boat. You will definitely find yourself there quickly.

Furthermore, Liverpool has its own airport, the John Lennon Airport. This greatly helps you to get to know other countries in Europe through airline flights low cost.

exchange in liverpool - getting around
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Start planning your exchange in Liverpool

So, did you enjoy finding out more about doing your exchange in Liverpool? I hope you have convinced yourself that the city is your exchange destination!

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