Public reaction to a letter written by a political party to the IMF

There has been a strong reaction from the public on writing a letter to the IMF on behalf of a certain political party.

According to the details, when a certain political party wrote a letter to the IMF against Pakistan, the people said that they created a big problem for Pakistan, which is a big conspiracy for Pakistan.

The people say that this conspiracy is very harmful for the economic and social culture of the country. They only know what is the purpose of the particular political party behind this letter. Attack Pakistan.

The people said that Imran Khan had broken the agreement with the IMF during his government and pushed the country into an economic crisis. Should.

The people said that these Jews are agents and are in league with the anti-national lobby. A certain political party should not have made such a statement which is against the national interest. There is a huge abuse of the country.

People said that all the debris of writing this letter will fall on the poor people and inflation will increase further, a particular political party should not interfere in the country's affairs, the country needs loans because the country is going through an economic crisis.

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