Plane “to the waters” becomes a boat option in Türkiye; watch


In Turkey, an interesting plane idea is being implemented to fly over water, promising faster flights than traditional vessels. According to those responsible, the alternative is also more sustainable and efficient, having a special aspect for tourist trips.

The AirFish is a Wing-in-Ground (WIG) model – which in direct translation means “wings on the ground”. It turns out that this design uses water as its “ground”, not lifting much of the surface when flying.

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This plane is developed by a subsidiary of ST Engineering, a Singaporean technology and engineering multinational focused on the aerospace sector. In this case, what is at stake is an order for up to 20 of these vehicles made by Eurasia Mobility Solutions (a Turkish company specializing in urban mobility) to be used in the tourism and private transport segment in Turkey.

A plane to enjoy the waters in Türkiye

The first deliveries of the plane that flies over water are scheduled for 2025. These vehicles have capacity for 10 people or one ton of cargo, with a maximum speed of 90 knots (or 167 km/h). In terms of propulsion, there is a 500 horsepower V8 engine fueled with regular unleaded fuel.

When flying, the plane is between 60 centimeters and 7 meters above the water, including in wave areas. In fact, this “ground effect wing” detail for low flying is essential for greater comfort for passengers along a route.

For those responsible for the agreement, the objective is to offer a much more pleasant option for tourists in Turkey and, in the future, in other regions of the planet. No details were shared about the values ​​involved in the deal.


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