People have decided on February 8, today the house will be full: Zartaj Gul

ISLAMABAD: The leader of Sunni Ittehad Council Zartaj Gul has said that people have decided on February 8, today Khana Puri will be full.

According to the details, Zartaj Gul, the leader of the Sunni Unity Council, said in a conversation with the media on his arrival at the Parliament House that they have won by force, look at their appearance, Ahsan Iqbal's vote should also be checked.

The former federal minister said that this PDM-like government does not have the mandate of the people, Kobani PTI has got the mandate on February 8, those who are elected by the people's vote will get respect.

On the other hand, another leader of the Sunni Ittehad Council, Amir Dogar, says that as a result of the silent revolution, we have 180 seats in the National Assembly.

He said that if special seats are added, our number of seats in the National Assembly is 235. These are vote stealers, they are sitting in the House with indifference.

It should be noted that the newly elected National Assembly will elect the Leader of the House and the new Prime Minister of the country in today's special session.

Members are continuing to arrive at the Parliament House to participate in the National Assembly session, Shehbaz Sharif is the candidate for the post of Prime Minister from the ruling alliance, while Umar Ayub Khan from the Sunni Alliance Council will be his opponent.

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