Pakistani journalists visit New York Police Headquarters

New York: Pakistani journalists have visited the police headquarters in New York, organized by the Pakistani Law Enforcement Society, an organization of Pakistani police officers, and the New York Police Department's Information Department.

According to the details, Pakistani journalists visited the police headquarters in New York. On this occasion, DCPI office of Pakistani origin police officer Shahid Mirza, Assistant Commissioner of Police Carlos Neves and police president Rohail Khalid and other members were present.

Journalists visited various locations including the sensitive offices of the police headquarters, including the Information Department, Hall of Heroes, Joint Operation Unit and the Real Time Crime Center, especially the control room that monitors the city of millions. I became the center of attention.

The officer there said that the New York Police monitors crimes in New York City with the help of 62,000 cameras, while the cameras of various private institutions, including places of worship, are also used on different occasions. But representatives of other institutions also become part of this center room.

On the occasion of the visit to the Real Time Crime Center, Pakistani origin police officer Mohammad Zayed gave a briefing. Before talking to the journalists, Assistant Commissioner Carlos Neves said that he did not know that there was such a large number of Pakistani media in New York.

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