Pakistan Day: Preparation of honorary shields and other gifts is in full swing

Preparations for honor shields and other gifts are in full swing on the occasion of Pakistan Day, shield and medal makers say that they wait the whole year for Pakistan Day to come and we do our duty.

According to the details, the preparation of honorary shields and other gifts on the occasion of Pakistan Day is going on, on the special occasion of March 23, honorary shields, gifts and the President's carriage are prepared with great effort.

Specialists from different cities of Pakistan participate in the preparation of items used in the special Pakistan Day parade.

All the experts feel very proud by playing their special role in the Pakistan Day parade, the experts who made the shield expressed their feelings and said that we are 23 people working and we wait for the whole year for the Pakistan Day to come and we Do your duty.

Shield maker Hamza Ali said that when we see on TV with our parents that the President of Pakistan is sitting in the carriage we have made, we feel proud.

Medal maker Mohammad Ishaq said that we feel very happy to be a part of Pakistan Day by making a shield for March 23, we are proud that the whole world is watching the work made by our hands on TV, Pakistan is alive.

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