“Pakistan can solve the problems related to elections under its own mechanism”


The spokesperson of the Foreign Office says that it is certain that no country can direct Pakistan, Pakistan is a free and independent country, we believe in our independent right to make decisions about the internal affairs of Pakistan.

In the weekly briefing, the spokesperson of the Foreign Office said that Pakistan is a vibrant democracy and there are mechanisms within the country where the people of Pakistan can resolve questions related to elections or any issue related to the democratic process in Pakistan.

In response to a question about the letter of American Congress members not recognizing the Pakistani government, the spokesperson of the Foreign Office said that some Congress members have sent a letter to the American Secretary of State. It is a communication between government officials in the United States and addressed to the government of Pakistan. No, so we have no comment on such letters.

The spokesman of the Foreign Office said that the Cabinet Committee on Energy has already made a decision regarding the Iran-Pakistan Pipeline. Building a top priority of the Government of Pakistan, among other projects, the Iran-Pakistan Pipeline is an important component of Pakistan's future energy mix. Granted Saw some media reports yesterday and I don't understand the basis of these reports so I don't want to comment on speculative reporting.

The spokesperson of the Foreign Office said on the remarks of the Indian Foreign Minister that it is a historical fact that whenever India has taken any aggressive action, Pakistan has given a befitting reply to it. We all remember that Pakistan responded to the Indian aggression in Balakot. But Pakistan responded in a determined manner. Pakistan not only shot down two Indian fighter jets but also captured an Indian pilot. Pakistan's response to any aggression in the future will also be determined in the same way. Countries have a shared responsibility, Indian remarks spoil the atmosphere of the region and should be avoided.


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