OpenAI should define new board in March

At the beginning of March, OpenAI is preparing to appoint new members of the startup's board, as reported by a source to The Washington Post. The change, according to the tabloid, should finally end the 'climate' in the company, which began after the former group fired Sam Altman, the CEO and 'face' of the startup.


  • In November 2023, OpenAI's board decided to fire none other than the company's CEO, Sam Altman;
  • What the company did not expect was the extremely negative reaction from the market, employees and startup investors;
  • With a crisis in place, investors warned OpenAI about the possibility of an impact of US$86 billion on its shares;
  • Microsoft, a supporter of the company, joined the discussion, as well as members who were against the executive's dismissal. The owner of ChatGPT thought it best to reinstate Altman — all of this happened in less than a week;
  • The CEO only accepted the return, however, following the reformulation of the board that decided to cut him.

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Since the market-shaking back-and-forth, OpenAI's new board is looking for six members with experience in areas ranging from technology to security and policy. Microsoft, for example, should occupy a non-voting observer position, as announced by Altman himself last year.

Save the big techthe startup's biggest backer, other investors are unlikely to get a seat on the new board.

According to Reuters, OpenAI has not yet commented on a future announcement. Remember here the first year of ChatGPT.

Sam Altman investigated

Starting the new OpenAI era with a bang, Altman has barely returned and already has one more problem to solve: the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has started an investigation against the CEO for allegedly deceiving his employees. company investors. Understand everything here!

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