OIC meeting, strong condemnation of Israeli atrocities

In an extraordinary meeting of the foreign ministers of the OIC member states held in Jeddah, the situation related to the ongoing Israeli atrocities on Gaza was discussed.

According to foreign media, the foreign ministers of other member states including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bahrain, Palestine and Iran participated in the meeting held in Jeddah.

The ministers present at the OIC meeting demanded that the supply of weapons to Israel, the withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza and all illegal actions should stop now.

Presenting Pakistan's position at the meeting in Jeddah, Permanent Representative of Pakistan Fawad Sher strongly condemned the Israeli atrocities in Gaza.

Pakistan's delegate stressed on humanitarian funding for Gaza, the meeting emphasized the need for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire in Gaza.

Case against the Canadian Foreign Minister for arms exports to Israel

The Permanent Representative of Pakistan also stressed on putting pressure on Israel to allow the entry of aid workers and organizations into Gaza. In the meeting, the ministers urged the UN Secretary General to establish a commission of inquiry into war crimes.

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